Welcome to Unbottle Life!

This is a blog for anyone who feels stuck in life and wants to release their inner genie – we all have one. We can feel trapped in our day-to-day existence, and it takes a change in our mindset and habits to be able to release and set free that inner genie or creativity. It takes work, and I’m still working at it. I hope you’ll find something here that will help you to find and release your own genie.

Unbottle: to remove from or allow out of a bottle; let loose; release.

Unbottle also means alcohol free. In this blog, I will share with you my story as I go alcohol free….it may be a bumpy ride! I may swear, vent, whinge, overshare, get a little excited and overenthusiastic but it will be real, raw and honest and it just might help someone………..

Thanks for reading.