Back to school – feeling fresh!

It’s a big day today for our teenage children, and an early start is a massive shock after over two months’ of school holiday! I’m so grateful for not having a hangover, and being clear-headed. I didn’t sleep all that well (worried about the alarm not going off), but with no boozy night to celebrate the last day of the holidays (any excuse!) I’m with it and ready to go! But will they be??

Today is also Day 7 of not drinking! Go me. Apart from wanting to pour myself a large glass of wine to relax after trying to figure out how to write a blog (again, any excuse!) a few nights ago, it’s been OK. I say that with a level of suspicion as I know at some point it may feel challenging and temptation will come my way. But I’m determined to shove it into the bushes, or wherever temptation goes when you resist it.

Before the school runs, here are a few reflections on why life has been better so far not drinking:

  • I’ve got so much done! I’ve started a blog, done all the dishes the night before and not the morning after (small victories), labelled my individual vegan meals and freezered (is that even a word?) them (since no-one else wants to touch them!), and just been generally busy without downing tools around 6-7pm with a glass of wine and thinking ‘feck it!’.
  • I’ve slept better. No more 3 am’s! (big plus). Plus, no more reaching for my pint of water in the night as I’ve woken up parched from dehydrating my body with wine. In fact, I haven’t even bothered with water at night. NB: did get up at 3 am this morning, but that was just for an ‘old lady’ wee!
  • I’m feeling less anxious and more in control (let’s not underestimate how much that means). I’m questioning myself less and thinking about what I need to feel happy and satisfied with my day – even if that just involves getting three loads of washing out onto the line!
  • I’m more present for my kids – big one! Especially at this time of year when they are anxious about going back to school, changing class and possibly not being with their friends from last year. I’m really listening, not half listening as I top up my wine (you know who you are. This applies to so many parents).

School runs done, and all went OK, just a few wobbles. But I’m stronger to be able to deal with them and am much less likely to over-react or become irritated as is so easily done when you’re nursing the effects of too much wine the night before. So far, so good. Let’s hope the wheels don’t come off soon!

Wheels still on for the moment. Hoping this won’t happen too soon!

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