FOMO and gratitude

It’s Day 9 now. Won’t it be fantastic when I can say ‘Day 99’, Day ‘999’ or even Day ‘9999’ (blimey, how old would that make me?! It’s far too early in the day to bother calculating that).

FOMO means ‘Fear of Missing Out’. I’ve experienced it, given in to it, and regretted it. So, that can’t happen again. What I questioned last night was: Missing out on what? So, I listed all the things I’d be missing out on by not drinking:

  • A hangover
  • Regret
  • 1000 extra calories of the ‘munchies’/junk food
  • 3 am wake up
  • Anxiety and overheating in the early hours
  • Dehydration
  • Frustration at myself

And so I woke up, having not experienced any of these!

And before I forget…I think writing this blog is helping me to stay off the booze. After all I’ve only gone and bloody said it! I told everyone I know that I’ll never drink again. Imagine the humiliation if I go back on my word! Accountability is a powerful thing 😉

So true

I’ve also been hearing about gratitude and how it can help our mental health. Here’s an excerpt I found from an article on this: A 2015 study published by the American Psychological Association backs this up. They found that higher gratitude scores in subjects related to better mood, better sleep, more positive health-promoting habits, less inflammation, and improved heart health.

It also suggests a Daily List – to make a list of a few things that I am especially grateful for each day. To quote the article: ‘Whether little things like my garden or the dishwasher to big things like my children and wonderful husband, I’ve found that this does help to keep the focus on the many blessings in my life. When done first thing in the morning, this sets the tone for the day and helps me stay positive and cheerful.‘ Sounds like a great idea! I’m not saying everyone has a wonderful husband, or wife for that matter, but we all have something to be grateful for. And to be grateful is to appreciate what we have in life.

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