Alcohol (not so hilarious) days of the week

I was recently reminded of the, frankly frightening, effect that the marketing of alcohol has on society.

Thirsty Thursday, Fizz Friday, Sunday Funday. I’m sure there’s one for Saturday – Sangria Saturday, Sauvignon Saturday, S***faced Saturday perhaps?

I looked this up on the internet and was pretty sickened by what I found:

Start at 5pm you say?
Just yuck
What happened to the recommended days off booze thing?
Might feel like I’ve been hit by one on Friday?
To think that, all that time, I was putting it off!
Business a bit slow in this pub?

What kind of message does that send? No wonder people are getting addicted to drinking! Never mind the fact that it’s, pure and simple, an addictive substance. The messaging is all around us, as though we couldn’t possibly be any fun to be around if we don’t drink.

Happily, I looked up ‘sober‘ expecting to find memes on how dull and boring sober people are and how they don’t know how to live. But I found these:

Stay strong……….

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