The power of connection

Today was a great day, as I had the opportunity to speak to a lovely bunch of women who no longer drink alcohol – yippee!

Hurray for the alcohol free people!

And yes, they were lovely, inspiring, fun and not boring at all! Not that I needed convincing of anything else, but alcohol free/sober people (whatever term you prefer) get a bad rap. I think this is because many people who drink alcohol fear that they would be boring without it, and so transfer that fear onto people who don’t. Or, it just gives them an excuse to keep on necking the bad stuff….’Oh no, I couldn’t possibly stop drinking – how would I have fun?!’ This is a myth. I have belly laughed more since stopping drinking……….

The lovely chat we had may have been over a Zoom call, but the connection was there, and I don’t mean on a technical level. I mean emotionally; we just ‘got’ each other. It was inspiring, motivating and fun! If you can make a connection with like-minded people, it will be all you need to stay strong and positive, whatever path you choose is right for you.

Day 18 for me now. Hope it’s your Day something too.

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