Friday night’s alright

Incidentally, Elton John has been ‘sober’ from drugs and alcohol since 1990.

I woke up this morning, feeling fresh (which is how you feel when you don’t drink alcohol) and thought ‘Great, it’s Friday!’. My second thought was ‘I’ll have a glass of wine tonight‘. Wait…...what?! Instead of letting that thought put the fear of god into me, which it did do for a split second, I turned it over and thought: ‘Hmm……interesting‘.

It occurred to me how much I’d conditioned myself, over the years, to think that Friday night signalled drinking wine – as with Saturday and Sunday, for that matter. That it was part of celebrating the fact that it was the weekend. And it’s so interesting to me, and encouraging, that, even though that thought still pops up, I can now hear it, acknowledge it and work to ignore it. I say ‘work’ to ignore it as it’s still really early days for me (Day 24 in fact), but I do believe I can do it, because it’s what I truly want.

Drinking wine tonight would not make me feel good – not in the slightest. I only need to ‘fast forward‘ to the terrible sleep it would cause, the feeling of self-loathing for having ‘given in‘, plus the all-day wuzziness and probable irritability of the following day. It’s just not worth it. Yet, Evil One is suggesting it’s a good idea. It’s all about the neural pathways we create. To quote part of an interesting article I found on this website

Neural Pathways are simply the roads in your brain that information travels on. When you do something over and over, it develops a neural pathway (road) in your brain. This is the road that’s used when you do something automatically, without consciously thinking about it. The process of creating these pathways is called neuroplasticity.


It’s possible to create new, healthy, neural pathways, so that, instead of automatically and unconsciously pouring yourself a glass of wine (or whatever your ‘poison‘ is), you take a new clean, debris-free pathway to something that would be actually good for you. Tonight, mine will be an Erdinger alcohol-free beer, so CHEERS!

Your old, abused alcohol pathway
Your new shiny, alcohol free pathway!

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