83 days and and a quick update

Well, hello. It’s been so long since I last wrote that I’ve forgotten what I put in my last post. I’ve been meaning to write for weeks, and haven’t got round to it. This is beginning to sound as though I’m apologising to myself! But perhaps there’s someone out there who’s reading this drivel?

So, here I am 83 days sans alcool and feeling pretty darn proud of myself, fit and healthy! There have been moments of temptation and triggering occasions where I’ve fancied a glass of wine (or two!), but I have resisted my friends! (actually hoping someone is reading this now, otherwise the word ‘friends’ sounds a little sad!).

I’m in the middle of reading an excellent book called ‘Sober Positive‘ by Julia Carson. Every alcohol drinking woman should read it. I find her writing style easy to follow and can relate to a lot of her thinking. I’m convinced many women (men too) would feel the same if they gave it a try. She credits Annie Grace’s ‘This Naked Mind‘ and the UK-based online group ‘Soberistas’ for changing her mindset towards alcohol, and keeping her off the booze. She’s over two years ‘in’ now and doesn’t miss alcohol a bit. What a result! She’s also a Northerner, which is a massive plus for me 😉

I feel my mindset is also changing towards alcohol and I am now looking at it for what it is – an addictive substance that has no health benefits whatsoever.

It’s a poison (ethanol) and a depressant, so it doesn’t make much sense to drink it, right?

I’m also a happy member of the lovely online group ‘Love Sober’ run by the fabulous Mandy Manners and Kate Baily. They are absolute gems and are bringing together a small community of like-minded, beautiful women who all share the desire to live sober in a world where alcohol is still pushed at the population like smoking was decades ago, before we realised that it knackered our lungs and caused many related health problems. One day (and I hope it’s not too far away), we’ll be saying that about alcohol. In the meantime………..

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