Why NOT me?

What makes me any ‘less’? It’s time to wade through the fear.

As I look at professional coaches’ websites, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, blogs etc etc I find my stomach tightening, and I think it’s from fear. Fear of them because they are better than me, more intelligent and more wise than I am, with so much more to offer the world than I could possibly have. And then I see this image, posted by Dawn Nickels from She Recovers (https://sherecovers.co/) and it makes me think: what if it’s just fear and it’s not true? What if I AM as good as these people and that I, TOO, can make a difference?

It excites me, and at the same time it terrifies me! But isn’t that what it’s all about – feeling the fear and doing it anyway? Faking it until you make it? It’s been a long time since my last blog post and I wonder why I haven’t posted recently. When I really consider the reasons (of which they are no doubt many – one of them being a busy working mum to two teenagers) I realise that some of this ‘going off the radar’ comes from fear: fear that people I know will ‘find’ me and mock me for my writing. Fear that I will ‘out’ myself and make a fool of myself. And fear that my words are falling into an abyss where no-one is present or listening, where they have no impact whatsoever.

Then I realise that it’s a big old world! That there are millions of people out there, many with the same fears as me. And that we all have a story to tell. And that telling that story might just help someone else. This sounds a little all-encompassing I know, but I have plans! Watch this stage. It’s time to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.

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