Hard work and good luck

I’ve added what I’ve learned since that day.

Unbottle life

It was a strange day yesterday! Two things happened: I was offered a job (yippee!) and I learnt that I was carrying a LOT of tension in my body. The two are not linked, but both were positive discoveries, even the second one!

First of all, the job offer. I don’t want to talk too much about it I case I jinx it, so I’ll talk more about this when it actually materialises next month! But, safe to say, the job offer was based on a recommendation of my work, so it’s a bit of a confidence booster for someone who doesn’t often rate themself very highly. I need to start believing I’m a champion!

(Freddie Mercury from the best band in the world!Don’t even try to argue with me)

I’ve always tried to see the positive in life, and, at this moment, I do wonder whether…

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