A little poem I wrote….

It’s been a while since my last post, and this is merely a reflection on how life is at the moment; I’m human too and, like everyone, I have many things that occupy my mind. I love to write, but I need to be in the right mood for the words to flow.

I started to journal this morning – I’ve been a little remiss lately and thought it might help – but after a few minutes in my private ‘pity party’, a feeling of calm came over me and a poem began to formulate. Now I wouldn’t consider myself a poet, so I seized the moment and let it flow!

Here’s what arose:

The Ship

Life has its own course
So relax your tight grip of the wheel
You were heading that way anyway
What you have sailed through is gone
Take the good memories, but leave the rest behind where it belongs
What you have yet to navigate is ahead of you
and cannot be mapped
Waves will come and go
Some will be frightening, others gentle
Allow yourself to be carried up and over them
Release the need to control them and push through them
Better to rise and fall together with them
In calmer seas, direct your ship to the destination you desire
Enjoy the ride
In stormy seas, don’t fight the current
Nor try to control the wind that fills your sails
They will lead you where you need to go
Even if you didn’t know it was part of your plan
Life has a way of teaching us what we need to know
Don’t fight it
Accept the course you are destined to take
Weather the storms as best you can
Be present, admire the view
See the stars above you and the ever-flowing water beneath you
Smell the air around you and what is carried on the breeze
Feel the wind on your cheeks and the deck at your toes
Let go of the need to control everything
Your ship will arrive when it is ready
It can’t be hurried nor slowed
Your shore will come into view if you will just let go and be

I hope you can learn to let go of the things in your own life that you cannot control, and accept that life has a plan for you all on its own.

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