If you feel your life would be better without alcohol…..

Sadly, this is the kind of marketing we’re up against when we try to quit: 

If you search on the internet for quotes about alcohol, hoping to find inspiration on quitting, I’m afraid you won’t find it. Instead, you’ll be met with lots of ‘hilarious’ messaging on what a wonderful drug it is, such as:

Alcohol has an excellent marketing team. Alcohol is a drug, an addictive substance and a depressant.

The reality:

I’m starting with a possible reason for that 3 am wake up when you’ve had too much to drink – 1-3 am is ‘liver time!’:

If you’re wondering whether you are a grey area drinker (and chances are you are if you’re reading this), then this article, by Jolene Park, should answer any of your questions. It also offers you a few tips on how to get off that particular merry-go-round. It certainly resonated with me:

Debunking the theory that alcohol is good for you (that old chestnut): and

Even one drink a day increases your risk of having a stroke:

International Women’s Day really shouldn’t be used as a vehicle to promote alcohol. An official supporter of this year’s event (March 2019) was Diageo, the world’s largest spirits business. If you’re interested, watch the Bailey’s Christmas video from 2014 celebrating friendships between women across the world ‘Cheers to Us’. I felt it was missing a few elements, like at the end of the evening when one of the women cracks her head on the taxi door because she’s had a few too many, or when the perfectly applied mascara is running down the face of the woman who just opened up about her difficult relationship in the toilets, etc. The women are of course tiny models and not at all bloated from alcohol or the kebab van!