Podcasts are such a part of my life now. I am obsessed! I didn’t even know what a podcast was until my best friend introduced me to them at the beginning of this year (2019). We were virtual training partners for a 50k run and we needed to listen to something during those long, lonely runs!

So, I started out with running podcasts to inspire me, and ended up finding podcasts on anything and everything! I’ll share the themes that interest me, in the hope that they can help you as they have helped me:

Mind-body syndrome

‘Like mind like body’ by ‘Curable’: https://www.curablehealth.com/podcast

Mindbody Mastery Podcast with Katelyn Michals

The Cure for Chronic Pain with Nicole Sachs

The Mind and Fitness Podcast with Eddy Lindenstein

Health and Wellness

to be added

Happy listening 🙂 I’ll add podcasts on various topics as I find them.