Here’s a user-friendly way of seeing why pain persists, even after an injury has healed (from the Curable website) and how stress can fuel persistent pain.

And a 5-minute video that explains the different between acute and chronic pain, and what you can do to help recover from the latter. It has some great images for visual learners like myself!

Dr John Sarno

Dr John Sarno was probably America’s most famous back pain doctor. He died in 2017 at the health age of 93, and thankfully his legacy continues in the form of (among many):

  • Nicole Sachs, LCSW
  • Dr Harold Schubiner
  • Dave Clarke, MD
  • Alan Gordon, LCSW
  • Barbara Kline, LCSW-C
  • Georgie Oldfield, MCSP
  • David Schechter, MD
  • Howard Schubiner, MD
  • Eric Sherman, PsyD
  • John Stracks, MD
  • Peter Zafirides, MD
Dr Sarno argued that chronic pain is actually the result of a psychosomatic process and emotional factors.

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