The River

I am a river

Strengthening and growing as I weave and meander

Rolling on, buffered by those who love me

Re-routed and halted by those who don’t

Avoiding the oxbow, focusing on my direction

Witness to the lives around me

Sometimes noisy, sometimes calm

Sometimes hasty, sometimes still

At times periodic, often episodic

Being filled with commitments and promises

Deepened by burden and responsibilities

Rocks slow my path, then

Like a gentle hand on my shoulder

Encouraged to keep flowing by another source that joins me

On my journey

Occasionally rapid, fun and exciting

Other times winding, observing and absorbing

Brooks and streams join me, cleanse and invigorate me

Boats buoyed along by me, others polluting me

Rainwater replenishes me

Sunlight warms and sooths me

Flowing persistently with dogged determination

Banks breaking in places when I am overburdened

I am a river

Flowing from my humble source to my destination

Always flowing home.