Rather than write a blog, which I’ve been a little neglectful of recently, I thought I’d share my latest poem, ‘Rudderless’. I hope you enjoy it and realise that you’re not alone and that, as long as you keep the faith, particularly in yourself, things are going to be OK. Love, Catherine x


Lost at sea
Set adrift
Without direction
A vast expanse of water
Overwhelming and bare
Yet brimming with life
I cannot reach

Helpless on the tides
That pull me in directions
No means to determine my destination

Yet determined to land
Safely, securely
With purpose

Navigating an ocean
Unfamiliar and cold
No compass to guide me
No rudder to direct my path

Barely sea-worthy
Yet worthy as any other
Vessel that sails
The purposeful wind
Offering safety to land

Let grace by the wind
That guides me to my shore
And faith take me to where
Not even dreams would dare

Don’t leave yourself behind

When we give everything of ourselves to others, we neglect our own needs and values. We lose who we are in the pursuit of other people’s happiness. We forget ourselves and our own needs, putting others first – to the point that we lose sight or ourselves, our own needs and values.

Why? Because it seems selfish to act on our own needs and because we worry that spending time on ourselves means we are neglecting someone else. We are being neglectful – but only of ourselves. Why is neglecting ourselves OK, when we go out of our way to protect others from experiencing this?

Acting out of self-love is not selfish. In fact, until you truly love yourself, you cannot truly love another. When you love yourself you attract people who love, respect and appreciate your energy. It’s OK to give yourself the same love and kindness you give to others. You are worthy of love and kindness too.