Emma Kershaw, www.lamaisondurire.com

I recently had a few sessions with Catherine online. We did two one hour sessions and one half hour session over the course of three weeks. It was at the beginning of the Coronavirus shutdown and we were all getting used to our lives changing dramatically. I found Catherine to be very friendly and approachable. She was non-judgemental and I felt that she was completely engaged throughout our sessions. At the beginning Catherine set me some clear goals and followed up each session with an email that summarised what we had discussed, including links to useful information that I might need.  The situation being so complicated and unprecedented meant that each week my goals were changing, but Catherine understood this and there was never any pressure or reproach for not completing a task. As what had seemed an easy target last week became impossible this week! 
I appreciated her objective outlook and friendly manner. During such a stressful period in life it was very soothing and beneficial to work with Catherine. I would wholeheartedly recommend Catherine McDonnell as an Holistic Life and Body Practitioner.