Katie Jackson, France

Tonight, I’d like to give a massive big shout out to Catherine McDonnell. I have been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia for the last nine months. It’s a pretty nasty disease which gave me excruciating pain on a regular basis in my face and was getting progressively worse. Imagine someone drilling the root under your wisdom tooth with no anaesthetic, sometimes for up to 40 minutes straight, and when it finally stops, spending the rest of the day feeling like you’ve just been kicked by a horse, and you might understand what it was like. The doctors couldn’t help and my life became more and more difficult. Many people who suffer from TN end up taking their own lives. It’s nicknamed “the suicide disease”.I was lucky enough to have a husband who found information online about a theory regarding chronic pain, which eventually led me to Catherine. I am one of the lucky ones to have worked out, with her invaluable help, what the route cause of my pain was. She has taught me to “unlearn my pain” by rerouting my neural pathways, understanding how to take better care of my health, and, finally, now 99% of my pain has gone. If I get a twinge, I know exactly what to do, and I’m not afraid of living anymore. If there are any chronic pain sufferers out there who have not found a solution through the regular channels, I would encourage you to look up the work of Dr Sarno and contact Catherine. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be switching my light off tonight in the knowledge that I won’t be waking up every 2 hours screaming in agony, with my husband having to sleep on the other side of the house as I couldn’t bear him to witness it and him feeling completely unable to help. Thank you Catherine from the bottom of my very grateful heart. ♥️♥️♥️

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