Mary Anne, Coloroda, US

I had an instant connection with Catherine. She immediately created a safe place for me to open up about my feelings. I am dealing with the passing of my father amidst the Covid virus quarantine and am not able to be with my mom and other family members to grieve properly. She gave amazing support and helped me process this so it wouldn’t become a story I carried with me for years. She was approachable, kind, warm-hearted, and very down-to-earth, exactly what I needed right now.

Without a doubt, Catherine has found her calling in coaching! I thought I was a good listener, but she is amazing at hearing the real message people are speaking without judgement, or twisting it into something it isn’t. We are in different time zones, yet she was kind enough to give me extra time to wrap our conversation properly without an abrupt ending, I truly appreciated that.

The main benefit of our coaching sessions was being able to honestly express some personal anger I’m holding. That can be embarrassing when you don’t know what to do with your emotions, but we discussed some things that have helped our mental well-being, and I already implemented her suggestion. I think I would have put off this journaling process if she hadn’t helped me see the benefits more clearly AND be ok with however it turned out. Plus, I feel I’ve made a friend, and don’t feel as lonely or unheard knowing someone understands me. It was uplifting.